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I find that it’s important to look at other designers’ work.

We all know how inspiring paintings, sculpture, music, and nature can be. Well, I include contemporary costume and fashion designers as well.

Just look at some examples I’ve pulled from my long list of bookmarks under the heading “inspiration” in my bookmarks tab. They may or may not have practical applications for theatrical costumes, but they inspire me to be more creative, less pragmatic.


Paper dresses!

A period dress made of paper!

And not just any old paper dresses… Historically accurate in color and design using found paper and other household items. An exceptional artist, and he does workshops! If you are in the Philadelphia area, there is still time to get into one of the workshops. If you aren’t in Philly, keep an eye out in case he visits a city near you.

Viona ielegems 

I love the way she sets up her photos as much as the costumes.

Note: Per her site’s request, I can’t post any of her work here (tried to ask permission, but she never responded). Just click on the link above to see the work. Also, if you are an artist who chooses to have a web presence, consider the ways the web is used and either be responsive to requests, or else don’t lock down your rights. I want to give you exposure!

Gwen van den Eijnde 

Beautiful wearable art

This artist combines fabric and other materials in an ultimate display of wearable art. I am stunned by the creativity, and the technique required to create these three-dimensional images. They really are moving sculptures.

Fi Bowman 

She is a fiber artist with a wonderful sense of story. However, I really find her sketch books inspiring. A constant reminder that I should be drawing more, and that it doesn’t need to be art, just sketching and journaling.

Sketchbooks are great practice for any art form.




Lauren Raine 

A mixed media artist, and theatre designer. I love the way she uses texture in her pieces. She has a series of masks of goddesses from around the world that you should check out. And a series of hand pieces from 2009.

Mask-making is an art form all its own.







I ran across this site when I was researching Hamlet several years ago, and continue to return to it. The tab on jewelry was actually practical to my design. The tabs for the steam punk computers are just for drooling over!

Steampunk art ... that actually functions!













In the end, it’s all about drawing inspiration from everyone and everything. Even images and events that are best perceived as negative can inspire you.

Keep your eyes open.

Drink it all in.

And go make something of it.

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